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ASCEND CV Structured Reporting features Catalyst Learn, a real-time engagement application embedded within ASCEND CV to support users directly in their workflow. Easy, one-click access provides immediate assistance from product professionals for real-time training and support needs – resolving issues quickly and resulting in increased clinician efficiency and satisfaction.

Catalyst Learn makes product support convenient and hassle free. ASCEND CV users can easily trigger support requests with a single click from within the patient study, and the application provides a safe and secure HIPAA compliant platform for discussing workflow and/or case specifics with support representatives. Robust features allow users to leverage multiple asynchronous and real-time communication channels including desktop sharing, instant messaging, VoIP and video.

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Workflow integration
ASCEND Catalyst’s direct integration within the structured reporting solution ensures the active case is available during any training or support conversation.

ASCEND’s clinical and informatics specialists are now a click away – ready to help provide supplemental training and to answer questions related to reporting functionality.

Single session across multiple devices
Catalyst features session persistence meaning within the same case and conversation, users can transfer between devices

Communication method of choice
Users may choose from a variety of communication platforms for their interactions with training and support staff – Catalyst supports notifications via widely accepted mediums including push to mobile, desktop, text message, and email.

Fully secure and HIPAA compliant
All data both at rest and in transit is secured with strong encryption and includes robust audit and archival capabilities consistent with HIPAA’s requirements.

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