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Catalyst Live

Live Image Streaming & Collaboration

Catalyst Live* takes healthcare team collaboration and patient care to the next level by introducing live image streaming directly from image acquisition and physiologic devices.  Using a small, flexible IoT device placed at the point of care, Catalyst Live captures, encrypts and streams video in real time to connect care teams across geographic locations.

Multi-modality: Catalyst Live brings together real-time multimodality data streams from devices in the cath lab, EP lab, echo lab, ICU, OR or IR. These data streams are essential to effective collaboration in the sickest patient populations, where high-impact decisions need to be made rapidly.

Multi-disciplinary: In complex intervention, surgery or the critically ill, the best outcomes are achieved by the right providers communicating with the right information at the right time.

Multi-purpose: Any location setup (cath, EP, OR, IR) can be used in multiple accounts for multiple purposes —  by device vendors, for conferences and for direct patient care  Use cases include virtual proctoring, on-demand training, on-demand internal and external collaboration, education and process monitoring and improvement.

*Catalyst Live is currently in private beta and is not available for sale.

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