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ASCEND Stratus is an application of our flagship ASCEND Cardiovascular Structured Reporting solution. Stratus is designed to capture customer usage data to facilitate optimization of the reporting workflows, identifying areas within the reporting layout that are ripe for further optimization and users who may benefit from additional training. Stratus data is analyzed by ASCEND as part of our process of continuously improving our reporting UIs and knowledge bases.

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MONITOR: Deployment
Stratus harvests usage data from on-premise installations of ASCEND CV.  The application is deployed and managed by trained ASCEND staff, and it does not require any customer IT support. Once deployed, Stratus harvests data each night during off-hours. The harvested usage data is transmitted to a secure cloud server weekly.


MEASURE: Data Collection
Stratus collects the usage data from the ASCEND CV database server including:

  • For each study: unique database ID, study status, Universal Service ID, reporting workflow information
  • For each recorded structured finding in a study: unique database ID from ASCEND’s clinical knowledge base, finding details (e.g. summary status), audit trail details
  • For each study placeholder: unique database ID, status
  • For each manually recorded (or edited) sentence in a study: unique database ID, sentence text


All of the study, finding, and placeholder data is completely deidentified by Stratus. Most of this Stratus data is numeric IDs that correspond to elements in ASCEND’s clinical content. Every attempt is made to deidentify the manually recorded/edited sentence data by removing patient and provider details, dates, etc. After deidentifying the harvested data, Stratus still manages all data as though it could contain PHI;  all Stratus data is transferred, stored, and used in using HIPAA-compliant protocols and technologies.

ASCEND can modify the Stratus data collection process to not collect manually recorded/edited text – this removes the potential for collecting PHI, but as a result, removes the ability to analyze this data.


IMPROVE: Uses of collected data

Customer Optimization
The Stratus analysis process yields results that are of value to your organization. Data points of interest include:

  • Counts of free text data entry by clinical user
  • Frequently used free-text notes
  • Reporting scope and efficiency of clinical users


Systematic Improvement of Content and Solution
Cardiovascular medicine evolves at a rapid pace and ASCEND is committed to supporting its customers with the most up-to-date and relevant clinical content and reporting features. Stratus data helps us fulfill that commitment by highlighting patterns that can lead to changes to clinical content in order to improve ease of use, reporting speed, accuracy, and expressiveness. It may also reveal areas where the solution itself may be refined to optimize an ASCEND CV Structured Reporting user’s experience.


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